PV with Storage - Ngatpang, Palau

PV with Storage

Ngatpang, Palau

SMA, in collaboration with Solar Pacific Energy Corporation (SPEC), a subsidiary of Philippines-headquartered renewable energy company Altenergy, has successfully commissioned the large-scale solar-plus-storage project in the Pacific Island nation of Palau.

This is the largest power plant of its kind in the Western Pacific Region and will help meet nearly 1/4th of the energy needs of the small country. The developer, SPEC, has a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA) with Palau Public Utilities Corporation (PPUC), the country’s utility provider. As a part of the agreement, a seamless integration of the system into the Babeldoag grid network was envisioned, aiming to transform the island nation's energy landscape.

This project happens to be the first grid-scale solar PV plant in Palau, and it is going to be a key contributor to the nation’s proclaimed objective of achieving 35% power generation through renewable energy sources and cutting down the energy sector’s emissions to 22% lower than the 2005 levels, by 2025. This would also ensure that Palau meets its obligations under the global climate targets as agreed in the Paris Accord. The advanced power conversion German technology provided unmatched flexibility in selecting optimal solutions for the project’s requirements.

Large-scale solar-plus-storage project in the Pacific Island nation of Palau

Ngatpang, Palau

July 2023

Plant Size
15.3 MWp/ 13.2 MWac Solar PV +
10.2 MWac/ 12.9 MWh BESS

Annual yield approx.
23,000 MWh

CO2 reduction approx
10,244 tons/year

300,000-400,000 kWh annually

System Technology

  • 3 Nos SC 4400 UP-US (PV inverters)

  • 3 Nos SCS 3800 UP-XT-US (Battery inverters)

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