SMA Commercial Energy Solution​

Generate solar power and use it effectively

Generate solar power and use it effectively

Economically beneficial, ecologically exemplary

With the SMA Commercial Energy Solution​, you can now cut your energy costs easily and permanently. Harness the unlimited power of the sun and generate environmentally friendly power for your business.

This makes you independent from rising electricity prices over the long term.

From energy consumer to energy producer

SMA Energy Solution​ specialize in making practical use of as much self-generated power as possible. The more of your energy needs you cover yourself, the less you have to buy from the utility grid. That means that investing in a PV system will pay off much more quickly than if you feed in most of your power. After all, you receive only a fraction of the electricity price as a feed-in tariff. Our Energy Systems will automatically sell whatever you cannot practically consume or store.


Up to 30% lower energy costs

Planning reliability and protection against rising energy prices

Particularly high yields increase return on investment (ROI)

Tax benefits through deduction of investment costs and special depreciation

Enhanced corporate image by demonstrating a commitment to climate change and actively conserving resources

Additional income from grid feed-in


PV modules

optimized for the local conditions, your requirements and power demand

Sunny Tripower CORE1

SMA inverter that converts solar power (direct current) into usable alternating current

SMA Data Manager M (optional)

energy manager that operates in conjunction with SMA Monitoring and is responsible for communication and overall system monitoring

SMA Monitoring (optional)

easy and efficient online monitoring of your SMA Energy Solution​

Service and product availability may vary from country to country.

The system in detail

Generate your own solar power with SMA Commercial Energy Solution​.

  • PV system

    The roof-mounted PV system modules convert sunlight into solar power.

  • SMA Sunny Tripower CORE1 inverter

    The SMA Sunny Tripower CORE1 inverter is the core of the SMA Commercial Energy Solution​. It converts the direct current generated by the roof-mounted PV system into alternating current, as required in your company.

  • SMA Data Manager M (optional)

    SMA Data Manager M monitors the energy flows and controls the surplus power.

  • SMA Smart Connected

    Your inverter is automatically monitored thanks to the integrated allin- one SMA Smart Connected service. If a problem occurs, you will be notified automatically and repairs will be initiated.

  • SMA Monitoring powered by ennexOS (optional)

    Whether via Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS or via an app, SMA Monitoring keeps you constantly updated on the performance of the SMA Commercial Energy Solution​ and tells you how much energy you have already produced, your level of self-consumption and how much additional power you are purchasing. Even without expensive local sensors, SMA offers a satellite-data-based performance evaluation of the PV system. Remote monitoring could not be any easier. You can also find out what the weather is like at the site where the system is located and the size of your CO2 footprint. You can automatically receive emails containing information on system yield and performance. You can also receive emails containing, for example, information on the status of your inverter.

SMA Sunny Tripower CORE1 inverter

The centerpiece of the SMA Commercial Energy Solution​


As the centerpiece of your SMA Commercial Energy Solution​, the Sunny Tripower CORE1 inverter converts the direct current generated by your PV system into alternating current. SMA Energy Solution​ feed unused electricity into the grid. Thanks to SMA’s innovative ShadeFix technology, it is possible to optimize energy use even if some of the modules are in shade.

  • With a capacity of 50 kW, it is easily scalable up to the megawatt range

  • Innovative, fully integrated stand design reduces logistics, installation and material outlay

  • Increased annual energy yields and reduced system-specific energy costs through overdimensioning of the PV system of up to 150%

  • Constant tracking of your energy yields through the web portal or an app

SMA Sunny Tripower CORE1 inverter

How it works

  • The PV system generates solar power from sunlight.

  • The direct current is fed into the inverter.

  • The inverter converts the direct current into alternating current, which you can use in your company or feed into the utility grid.

Further applications of the SMA Commercial Energy Solution

Store solar power and use it flexibly

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Grid independence with solar power

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